Partners in Energy


Mendota Heights has been given the opportunity to participate in an exciting new collaboration with Xcel Energy, as part of the Xcel Partners in Energy Program. Partners in Energy is a program provided by Xcel Energy that assists communities to develop an energy plan and implement that plan. Partners in Energy provides tools and resources to support each community’s unique energy needs, priorities, and vision to achieve their energy goals.

The collaboration between Xcel Energy and the City is a two-year commitment to develop and implement this strategic energy plan. The planning stage will occur over a six-month period, followed by an 18-month implementation stage. When completed, this plan will serve as a road map to help Mendota Heights save energy, combat climate change, and increase cost savings.

The Mendota Heights’ Xcel Energy Partners in Energy Action Team held its first workshop on February 7th, 2024, to begin the process of developing the City’s Energy Action Plan. The Action Team is comprised of residents, local business owners, city staff, and Natural Resources Commission members. The primary mission of the Action Team is to help guide and develop the Energy Action Plan throughout the planning stage of the process.

  1. Krista Spreiter

    Natural Resources Coordinator, CWD

  2. Kelly Torkelson

    Assistant City Administrator

  3. Ryan Ruzek

    Public Works Director/ City Engineer

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