Multifamily Residential Recycling


Multifamily residential buildings with four or more attached residential units and a common waste contract must meet collection and recycling requirements identified in Mendota Heights City Code, including:

1. Have recycling service

Contract with a trash hauler for recycling collection services or self-haul recyclables to a recycling facility. Recycling containers must have a  capacity equivalent to at least 0.1 cubic yard per week for each dwelling unit.  Work with your hauler to increase service levels if carts or dumpsters are overflowing. 

2. Collect designated materials

Provide recycling containers in buildings and on grounds to collect Dakota County’s Designated Recyclables from employees and residents.

3. Locate recycling containers with trash containers 

Wherever there is a trash container or chute, there must be a recycling container or chute within 10 feet on all outdoor grounds and in all common areas. Recycling containers must be large enough to collect all recyclables, and not overflowing.

4. Label containers

Label each indoor and outdoor container according to Dakota County labeling requirements. Replace labels if they become damaged, unreadable or if text or images conflict with county label requirements. 

 5. Provide recycling education 

Deliver standardized recycling education at least once a year to residents, employees and contractors who manage waste. Provide education to new residents, staff and contractors within 30 days of move-in or hire and within 30 days of a substantial change to the waste and recycling program. Education must cover what and how to recycle in accordance with requirements listed on Dakota County’s website


Free resources are available to help set up or improve recycling collection in multifamily properties. To sign up for resources or ask questions, contact the Recycling Coordinator. Free resources available include:

  • Grant funding for recycling containers for common areas,
  • Trash and recycling labels, posters, and recycling and disposal informational brochures,
  • Educational presentations for residents and staff,
  • Assistance setting up or improving your recycling program,
  • Recycling tote bags for residents, and more!