Mississippi River Coordinator Critical Area (MRCCA) Permit

The Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area or “MRCCA” is a protected corridor along the Mississippi River. Mendota Heights’ MRCCA properties are those situated along the northerly edge of the community (State Highway 13/Sibley Memorial Highway corridor), and along the shared municipal boundaries with Mendota and Lilydale. The City regulates certain land uses and construction activities, which requires specific permits. A Standard MRCCA Permit is typically required for new construction, additions, retaining walls, swimming pools, detached garages, land alteration and grading projects, vegetation and land clearing, and similar large-scale projects. A Minor or Administrative MRCCA Permit is required for small additions (200-sq-ft or less), fences, sheds, small decks, walkways, patios, and other smaller projects.

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