Mechanical (HVAC) Permit


The City of Mendota Heights Mechanical Permits are processed through Inspectron, Inc.  Applications for mechanical permits can be completed through the Citizen Serve Portal (LINK).  To schedule an inspection, please call Inspectron at 651-322-6626.  

Paper Applications are available upon request at Mendota Heights City Hall.    

If you have any further questions regarding permits or inspections, feel free to call the City of Mendota Heights at 651-452-1850, and we will be happy to guide you through the process.


Mechanical (HAVC) Permits fees include a permit fee and a state surcharge fee. Permit fee is 1% of the permit valuation, with a minimum of $75.00. State surcharge is .0005% of permit valuation. The total fee will be the sum of these two amounts.