Fire Relief Association

When you hear “Relief Association” you may think of groups such as the Red Cross assisting in the aftermath of a natural disaster. However, when it relates to the fire service, the Mendota Heights Fire Relief Association serves an entirely different purpose. Rather than providing aid during a catastrophic event, a fire service relief association manages the retirement funds for the department’s membership.  

Every year the city of Mendota Heights and State of Minnesota contribute financially to the Fire Relief Association’s retirement pension fund. This fund is managed by the State of Minnesota, and features a balanced portfolio designed for long-term growth.  Once a member reaches their 20-year anniversary, they become fully vested upon retirement.   This pension serves as a benefit for a long and dedicated career in service to the city and community.   Additionally, it also serves as a selling point to anyone who may be interested in dedicating their time, efforts, and energies to the community through membership in the Mendota Heights Fire Department.

Beyond managing the department’s retirement fund, the Fire Relief Association also manages the department’s fundraising efforts to support various projects not covered in the city budget, such as the annual retirement banquet, scholarship programs, and community engagement activities.

The Fire Relief Association is always happy to accept donations.  If you wish to support its efforts, please mail a check payable to the Mendota Heights Fire Relief Association to:

Mendota Heights Fire Department
2121 Dodd Road
Mendota Heights, Minnesota 55120