Becoming a Firefighter

The Mendota Heights Fire Department is a paid-on-call department which means each of the men and women who serve with the Department do so in addition to their regular jobs. These individuals understand that providing outstanding customer service is why we exist.  We continually evaluate, change, and evolve our programs and processes so that we can provide the best service possible in a timely, professional, and economic manner. Each member of the MHFD is proud to be a part of the team that responds when you call for help.

Few professions provide the sense of accomplishment and personal enrichment that fire service professionals enjoy. There is tremendous satisfaction in having saved a life, controlled a structure fire, comforted an accident victim, or taught a skill that prevented a child from becoming injured. Becoming a part-time firefighter may be one of the most personally rewarding things that one could ever do.   

The Mendota Heights Fire Department recruits new firefighters to be enrolled in the Department's training program that begins in the fall of each year. The posting for new applicants to serve typically opens in early spring and the interview process takes place in early summer. If you have an interest in becoming a Mendota Heights firefighter, visit the MHFD recruitment booth or kiosk at upcoming city-sponsored events or email

  1. Training
  2. Time Commitment
  3. Essential Duties
  4. Qualifications

The Mendota Heights Fire Department's training program for firefighter recruits is designed to give new members a full understanding of basic firefighting, rescue equipment, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Department procedures.

During the first two years, new firefighters receive training to complete certification as Firefighter I, Firefighter II, Hazardous Materials Operator, and Emergency Medical Responder.

Additionally, new firefighters must attend regularly scheduled department trainings.  These are scheduled throughout the month and offered at a variety of times, allowing firefighters to receive the required training at times that work best for individual schedules.

Continuing Education - Beyond initial recruit training requirements, all firefighters participate in continuing education, which includes mandatory and additional training opportunities.  Additional training opportunities are available at regional, state and national fire schools, as well as at local technical and community colleges.  All members are required to maintain and improve knowledge and skill levels throughout their career.