Annual Deer Hunt

The Metro Bow Hunters Resource Base (MBRB), in conjunction with the City of Mendota Heights, has contracted an annual deer hunt throughout the city to manage the deer population. The hunt is conducted using archery equipment under very strict guidelines to ensure the safety of the landowners, residents, patrons and hunters. The city began authorizing small hunts starting in 1995.  

Recent years have shown a need to expand the areas hunted.  In response to citizen requests, a new plan was drafted in an attempt to control the deer population.

There are many factors to be considered in having your private property included in the hunt such as parcel size, safety, etc.  If you are interested in having your property included in the hunt, please call 651-452-1366.

There is no other hunting allowed in the City of Mendota Heights.  The City of Mendota Heights City Council authorized a variance to the no hunting ordinance by Resolution 12-074.  

2023 Hunt Dates

  • Period 1, October 20th - 22nd 
  • Period 2, November 10th - 12th
  • Alternate Dates (as needed)