Surface Water Management Plan

The City of Mendota Heights’ Surface Water Management Plan (also referred to as the plan, SWMP, City plan, local plan) is a local management plan that meets the requirements of Minnesota Statutes 103B.235, Minnesota Rules 8410, the Lower Mississippi River Watershed Management Organization Third Generation Watershed Management Plan (dated August 2011,  as amended August 2015) and the Lower Minnesota River Watershed District’s Third  Generation Watershed Management Plan (dated November 2011, as amended June 2015). The purpose of the SWMP is to serve as a guide in conserving, protecting, and managing the City’s surface water resources. This plan is an update to the 2006 Local Surface Water Management Plan (LSWMP) and includes updates to the City’s HydroCAD Model as well as the incorporation of a P8 Urban Catchment water quality model. 

The City submits its SWMP to the Metropolitan Council, the Lower Mississippi River Watershed Management Organization, and the Lower Minnesota River Watershed District for their review.  The watershed organizations have 60 days for their review after written receipt of the City SWMP. Metropolitan Council provides comments within 45 days. Metropolitan Council directs its comments to the watershed organizations which then consider these comments in formulating their own.

Surface Water Management Plan (PDF)