Pollinator-Friendly Community

In January of 2016, the Mendota Heights City Council approved a resolution declaring the City of Mendota Heights to be a pollinator-friendly community. Property owners, residents, businesses, institutions, and neighborhoods are encouraged to become more pollinator-friendly by adopting practices that:

  • Avoid the use of insecticides, including systemic insecticides, on their property
  • Avoid planting flowering plants that are treated with systemic insecticides
  • Planting more pollinator-supporting forage and adopting organic or chemical-free lawn and landscaping practices. 

View Resolution 2016-01 Declaring the City of Mendota Heights to be a Pollinator-Friendly Community (PDF).

Pollinator-Friendly Guides

Use the following guides to assist in the planning and design of pollinator-friendly landscapes for residential and commercial applications. 

Pollinator-Friendly Opportunities

Landscaping for Clean Water Registration is Open

Do you want to learn how to incorporate native plants into your garden that support water quality and pollinator habitat? The Landscaping for Clean Water Program is ready for their 2022 season to help residents design and install raingardens, native pollinator gardens, and shoreline stabilization plantings. 

This year’s suite of programming - Introduction to Clean Water Class, Design Course, and Maintenance Workshop – will provide skills and resources to landowners at every stage of their gardening journey.

Learn more and register for the program.

Landscape Grants Available

Help protect pollinators in your yard by planting a pollinator-friendly landscape feature- grants available! You Can Bee the Change in Your Yard

You can help protect the MN State Rusty Patched Bumble Bee, Monarchs, and other at-risk and endangered pollinator species by installing pollinator habitat such as a native pollinator garden, trees, and shrubs.

Lawns 2 Legumes is now offering cost-share grants to private landowners to help cover the costs of installing a pollinator project. Lawns 2 Legumes is taking applications for grants now through January 18, 2023.  Apply and find more information.