What can I Recycle?

The City of Mendota Heights works closely with Dakota County to ensure that residents are able to take advantage of every opportunity to recycle. Learn more about what materials can be recycled in Dakota County.

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1. What are the City's office hours?
2. Who do I call for electric, gas, sewer and water services?
3. Who do I call for trash pickup?
4. What can I Recycle?
5. At what point is a snow emergency declared?
6. What do I need to know regarding the City's Parking Ban?
7. Do I need a permit for a recreational fire?
8. Who do I call to report?
9. How do I sign up for electronic payment of my sanitary sewer bill?
10. Who do I call to report a sewer backup?
11. How can I tell if I need a building permit or not?
12. Will I need a pet license for my dog and/or cat?
13. Here do I find information about MHAA (Mendota Heights Athletic Association)?
14. What is the school district's phone number?