Zoning Code Update

Zoning is the City’s primary tool for regulating land use and implementing the goals and policies of the city's Comprehensive Plan. The zoning code imposes land use controls that regulate what can be built on individual parcels of land. Proposed developments, from new buildings to small home additions, are required to meet the requirements of the zoning code. 

The City's Zoning Code translates the land use goals of the Comprehensive Plan (PDF) into an ordinance or law which regulates the way lands may be used or developed.   

Updating the code

The purpose of this project is to comprehensively update the Zoning Ordinance to be consistent with the adopted 2040 Comprehensive Plan (PDF) in conformance with State Statute. In 2022, this project kicked-off with issue identification to help guide the review process moving forward. 

The City Council, Planning Commission and City Staff provided feedback through a detailed questionnaire that became the foundation for the work session discussions. The Planning Commission served as the working group on the project, meeting several times to discuss key sections of the Zoning Ordinance revision including Zoning and Overlay Districts; Allowed and Prohibited Uses; Character, Building and Design Standards; and Administration and Conformance. 

The initial full draft of the Zoning Code Update (PDF) is available along with a summary of the proposed zoning code key changes (PDF)  

Revised full draft of the Zoning Code Update (dated 10.27.23)  and Proposed Zoning Map (dated 11.01.2023)

Revised Chapter 2 draft (dated 4.21.2023)


The process for developing the proposed zoning code draft has included significant discussion and review. The presentations for the Planning Commission meetings are included on the right-side of this page and walk through the different issues and questions that the commission considered through this process. 

The draft of the updated zoning code will be reviewed at the upcoming public meetings: 

November 29: Joint Work Session between City Council and Planning Commission


April 17:  Planning Commission Work Session

April 24: Joint Work Session between City Council and Planning Commission


Zoning Code Update Drafting Process