Field and Facility Rentals


The City coordinates and allocates the use of city athletic fields and facilities for city and non-city organizations, groups, and individuals to play, practice, hold tournaments, and other sport and non-sport related events. Field and facility use permits are issued following the City’s permit process. Permit applicants must be 18 years of age or older. A permit is issued only after an allocation request is made, all required documents and information is received, and the City has approved the request, either in-part or in its entirety. A request does not constitute an approval.

Application Deadlines

Permits will be issued three times throughout the year based on the following timeline:

  • Permit requests for use from December through February will be due on the first business day in November.
  • Permit requests for use from March through July will be due on the first business day in February.
    • Requests for tournaments at Mendakota are due the first business day in December. Staff has 21 days to respond to applications.
  • Permit requests for use from August through November will be due on the first business day in June.

Field and Facility Use Fees (PDF)

Field and Facility Use Policy (PDF)

  1. Meredith Lawrence

    Parks & Recreation Manager

  1. Priority Level 2: Public and Private Schools in Mendota Heights
  1. Priority Level 3: Youth Athletic Associations
  1. Priority Level 4: Youth Sports Clubs and Leagues
  1. Priority Level 5: Mendota Heights Residents (Personal Use)
  1. Priority Level 6: Mendota Heights Businesses/Commercial Organizations
  1. Priority Level 7: Non-Mendota Heights Residents, Organizations, Businesses
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