Elections & Voter Services

Upcoming Elections

There are three scheduled elections in 2024.


Only presidential candidates from a major party will appear on the presidential primary ballot.


A primary election determines which candidates will be on the ballot in the November general election. 


Nonpartisan and partisan local, county, state, federal offices, and any proposed constitutional amendments.

How to Vote

Voters can either vote at their precinct on election day or they can vote through absentee balloting. Information on absentee voting  is outlined  under "Absentee Voting"

Where to Vote

There are five voting precincts in Mendota Heights: 

Precinct 1: Somerset Elementary School (1355 Dodd Road) 

Precinct 2: Two Rivers High School (1879 Delaware Avenue) 

Precinct 3: Holy Family Catholic Church (1960 Lexington Avenue South)

Precinct 4: Saint Thomas Academy (949 Mendota Heights Road) 

Precinct 5: Friendly Hills Middle School (701 Mendota Heights Road)

View the precinct map for Mendota Heights (Link)

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get involved

Submit your Election Judge Application [PDF] to the city clerk to serve in the upcoming elections.

election jobs

Election judges are temporary workers trained to handle all aspects of voting. Serving as an election judge is a chance to learn about elections, and is a great service to the community.

Each election, the City of Mendota Heights needs nearly 100 people to serve as election judges at the primary and general elections, as well as in absentee voting roles. On the day of the election, judges work a half shift of about 8 hours or a full shift of about 16 hours.

If selected to serve in the upcoming election,  you will be required to complete two hours of paid, online training through a platform called iTacit that is managed by Dakota County. Individuals serving as head judges are required complete additional training to prepare them for scenarios that may occur on Election Day. 


State law 204B.195 allows election judges to be excused from work to serve (and vote) without loss of pay. The employee must provide their employer with 20 days’ written notice. Election judges are compensated by the city for their service $13-$17 per hour, unless they opt to volunteer their time. 


✔ You must be eligible to vote in Minnesota and able to read, write and speak English.

✔ Students aged 16 and 17 years may serve as election judge trainees.

✖ You may not serve as an election judge together at the same precinct with a relative (spouse, parent, step-parent, child, step-child, sibling, or step-sibling).

✖ You may not serve as an election judge if you are a relative of, or temporarily or permanently live in the same household of, a candidate who appears on the ballot for election in that precinct.


Election judges may serve in a variety of capacities in the days leading up to the election and on Election Day. Duties on Election Day include opening and closing the polls, greeting voters, setting up polling equipment, checking in registered voters, registering new voters, and distributing ballots. The following positions are needed to administer elections:

  • Election judges serve at an assigned polling place in roles like greeter, ballot table, ballot counter, registration (ePollPad). The compensation rate for election judges is $13.00 per hour.
  • Head election judges provide leadership and supervision at their assigned polling place with two head judges assigned to each. The compensation rate for head election judges is $17.00 per hour.
  • Absentee judges serve during the early voting (absentee) periods before Election Day and are scheduled to serve on the Absentee Ballot Board and to process absentee ballot applications during regular city hall business hours. Some absentee judges are also needed to process absentee ballots at City Hall on Election Day. The compensation rate for absentee election judges is $17.00 per hour.


Submit your Election Judge Application [PDF] to serve in the upcoming elections.

For more information on serving as an election judge: