Park Bench Donation Program

Park Bench

The City offers a Park Bench Donation Program for anyone interested. Benches are often donated in memory of a loved one or to recognize or celebrate a special event or occasion. The benches are made of an all-weather recycled plastic, cedar in color, and the donation amount is a minimum of $1,000. Benches include a plaque area for a custom message. Donors can specify if they have a preference for the location of the bench within the City’s park and trail system, and the City will work with donors to help place the bench in their desired area, or can recommend an area. 

If you are interested in this program, complete the application form located below and submit this to Parks and Recreation. After an application is made, donations are recommended to the City Council by the Parks and Recreation Commission, and then the donation, plaque messaging, and site location requires approval by the City Council before the bench is purchased. For questions contact Parks and Recreation Manager Meredith Lawrence at 651-255-1354.

View the Park Bench Donation Application Form (PDF).